Aug 19, 2008

found inspiration in DC

Hi Everyone!
Instead of bugging you all as usual with emails, I decided to post my share with you on our blog. I just hope everyone remembers to use it...

Two weeks ago, I spent an inspiring day in DC, exploring amazing spaces of great musuems (all of which are free). There were several highlights, but I'm gonna focus since you all have the attention span of teenagers ;)

There's a hip hop exhibition called "Recognize" at the National Portrait Gallery-- which is where I read this poem by Nikki Giovanni in an installation she did with the artist Shinique Smith.
Scroll down to read the poem.
These are definitely words to remember when times get tough.

Big love to you all,

Aug 17, 2008


Hey Everyone,

Here is the link to the site like I promised.

Lawrence Scholars 08

It was great seeing all of you one last time yesterday, before you get shipped off or before hectic school schedule starts.
Good luck in the next couple of years, I'm pretty sure you will all do very well and try to keep your head above water.

Keep in touch with the blog and I will see you Parsons people very soon!


Aug 8, 2008

Blog updates

If you guys want us to put any links up on the side bar let us know. Also, if you connect to the blog, please post something and say hi.


Aug 7, 2008

Finished murals

Hello everyone,
I'm excited to see everyone again this Saturday!


Aug 6, 2008

yay!!! Thanks for making this, Tanya! (and Jay?)